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Escape the Winter Weather and Head to One of These Top Travel Destinations in 2018

There are numerous things that are currently dividing the American people as of late not the least of which is politics. However, there is one thing upon which we can probably all agree and that is after the year we’ve had as well as a result of this most recent cold snap, we could all benefit from a vacation . Preferably somewhere warm and sunny, but even if there are still a number of you that want to stick with the cold climates, there are loads of top travel destinations worldwide that can serve to satisfy any discerning travelers needs.

We’ve taken this opportunity to establish a comprehensive listing of the world’s most impressive, exciting and unique travel destinations to add to your summer vaca or bucket list for 2018!

We’ve used numerous media sources to determine the most oft-visited locations and compared how extensive the status of travelers was to craft a listing that will hopefully yield incredible travel destination results that appeal to all people everywhere.

For those interested in escaping the cold, why not make arrangements to visit the following:

Miami, Florida

Fun in the sun doesn’t get much better than this!

Phuket, Thailand

This staggeringly beautiful island with its warm waters and soft sand beaches guarantees to help shake off the chill of winter.

Taipei, Taiwan

Street vendors, food establishments that stay open until dawn and a nightlife that never sleeps make Taiwan the epicenter of energy and fun.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Regardless of if you are wanting to tour ancient ruins or make a faith-based pilgrimage, Mecca is an intriguing prospect for travel.

Istanbul, Turkey

With so much diversity in cultural influences as well as a very colorful history, Istanbul is sure to satisfy.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For travel at any time of year, for any reason, throughout any season. The following travel destinations are beautiful year round.

Seoul, Korea

Beautiful whether its Spring or Winter, Seoul is fast becoming a destination to rival some of the most popular cities in the world.

Rome, Italy

Tour vineyards and snack on cheeses and locally made wines, take in some of the most stunningly beautiful of Renaissance artwork.

London, England

See the infamous Tower of London, stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, see a theatrical production or ride in a double-decker bus!

Paris, France

It’s Paris, need we say more!

Tokyo, Japan

Partake in the serenity of temples, see notorious woodland regions and stroll impressive gardens.

For those who prefer a more cold natured environment, we’ve compiled the following list:

Prague, Czech Republic

Ice skate on frozen waterways shop the old town villages and sightsee at one of the world’s oldest and largest castles.

Quebec City, Canada

Visit the famous Montgomery Falls and sleep in a castle made of ice.

Munich, Germany

Visit Christmas themed markets, dine on authentic German cuisine, and drink beer!

Salzburg, Austria

Tour sites featured in the Sound of Music movie, or snow ski amongst other things.

We could mention so many more, like New York City and even Duluth, Iowa as exciting vacation destination prospects. If you happen to be interested in any of the destinations mentioned make certain to give travel agents a call. Numerous operators have special all-inclusive offers and group discounts for travel going on right now!

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