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Tired of taking the same vacation to the same beach house or condo year in and year out? Ready to turn a new chapter in life with an adventure in a new city or country? Confused on how to make all of these dreams a reality? Don’t tackle this incredible feat alone, look into Guided Tours as the solution to your travel woes! There’s no better way to experience a new location than with the help of the local people. Learn about a new culture, discover the hidden secrets of an ancient civilization, see all the local landmarks, and marvel at the beauty of our planet, all with the help of Guided Tours.

Benefits of Having a Travel Guide

The first and most obvious benefit is safety. When visiting a foreign land, there are customs to follow and rules to abide by that may not be readily apparent to the casual visitor. Under the leadership of an experienced guide, you will know the which neighborhoods are safe for tourists, and more importantly, the shady neighborhoods and areas that should be avoided. Research shows that visitors to a foreign country under the guidance of a local guided sightseeing operator reduce their risk of being victimized by a pickpocket by about 30 percent.
That unsettling fact aside, being led around on guided tours and travel is just plain fun! You will be joining a group of other like-minded individuals who have the same goal as yourself, which is to have an epic vacation! Meeting others with guided tours is a great way to make connections and increase your social circle to include people that have similar interests.
Another benefit of partaking in guided tours and travel is organizing and staying on plan is made easy. An itinerary is laid out for the day and you simply show up and have a great time!
While on guided sightseeing, your hands will be free to take as many pictures as your heart desires. You won’t miss important moments digging through your purse for your smartphone or miss an important attraction because you missed it on the map the hotel gave you.
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Popular Listings Where a Travel Guide May Be Ideal

Mountain Bike Tour : Guided Tours

Mountain Bike Tours

A New Zealand mountain bike tour, with a mix of back country, single track and downhill treks through the North and South Islands. See the incredible landscapes that made The Lord of the Rings movie franchise famous.

African Safari : Guided Tours

African Safaris

Embark on a safari in Madagascar with its exotic rain forests, carnivorous plants, over-sized butterflies, lemurs, and sparkling beaches. Enjoy the scenery under the watchful eye of a local guide.

Shopping and Spa : Guided Tours

Shopping and Spa Vacations

Take a luxury shopping and spa vacation in Mumbai. Fashion Street awaits! Along with numerous world-class dining and lodging options, you’ll feel like royalty during your stay.

Wine Tour : Guided Tours

Wine Tours

A wine tour through Napa Valley, from Stags’ Leap to Cuvaison Estate; alternatively, a luxury wine tour and tastings throughout Italy. Eat lunch in a Tuscan palazzo surrounded by Chianti vineyards.

French Canadian Cities Tour : Guided Tours

French Canadian Cities Tour

A guided tour through Montreal, Quebec, the closest thing to France on the American continent. Visit the St. Lawrence Seaway, dine at the Old Port, buy local designer fashion, and sit outside at a quaint outdoor cafe, sipping a French-pressed coffee. Tres bien!

South America Tour : Guided Tours

South America Tours

Take a comprehensive tour of Central America and see the sights in Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Panama. Explore the thick jungles of the Amazon or soak up the sun on a white sands beach.

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Specialty Trips for Specific Destinations

Guided Tours


Religious pilgrimages to churches, cathedrals or mosques. These types of escorted tours and travel experiences are very popular during the holiday season or during spiritual holidays.

Guided Tours

Adventure Tours

Adventure tours centered around sports like mountain climbing, kayaking or scuba diving. Join others that love the same sport you do! What a great way to enjoy the outdoors and meet people.

Guided Tours

Biking Tours

Walking or biking tours to get a more intimate feel of your destination and view the area through the eyes of the local tour operators.

Guided Tours

Bird Watching

Wildlife-centric tours for bird-watchers, wildlife safaris or exotic animal refuges for children. Safely enjoy wild animals in the company of a knowledgeable guide.

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