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Experience the United States and Canada like never before with North American Vacations and Guided Tours! North America is a huge, beautiful, wonderland of a place that is a great destination for those who love a little bit of everything. There are breathtaking national parks, coastal beachfront towns, quaint villages in middle America, and huge metropolises that offer city life and endless options. Take the time to visit North America one region at a time and we guarantee, you will be hooked.

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North American

Check out the many sights while on North American vacations including the Golden Gate Bridge and the eclectic town of San Francisco on the Pacific Coast. The wonder that is New York City, and the Empire State Building along with the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Discover the Great Plains and make your way to Yellowstone National Park to see where buffalo roam. Enjoy Music City in Nashville, Tennessee on your way to see Elvis’ home of Graceland in Memphis. View the mountains and the desert in the American Southwest, and the beaches alongside the Gulf of Mexico.

Remember to set time aside to visit Canada

Don’t forget that you can head up north and check out beautiful Canada on your North American adventure! Take a guided tour to the iconic CN Tower in Toronto. Head west to British Columbia and visit the historic Butchart Gardens. Hang out in Ontario and see Niagara falls from the Canadian side, or from up in the world famous revolving restaurant in the Skylon Tower. You can experience the most breathtaking view of the sweeping Niagara Falls from their observation deck. Just like the US, Canada has something for everyone and is a destination worth visiting.

Mount Rushmore - North American Vacations

Mount Rushmore is a massive sculpture displaying majestic figures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. You can find this located in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

Niagara Falls, Canada - North American Vacations

A Boat Excursion into the heart of Niagara Falls may leave you a little wet, but you’ll be yearning for more. Here you can be one with nature as your adventure unravels and you feel the power behind these beautiful falls.

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Do you have a particular North American destination in mind? Is there a specific region of the US or Canada that you have always wanted to see but could never get to? Are there places on your bucket list that you just want to revel in crossing off the list? TraveLantern is here to help! Our network of associates will put together North American vacations tailored specific to you. A vacation so memorable that you will be discussing it with friends and family for years to come. Take the aggravation out of scheduling your vacation and let us do it for you.

Las Vegas : North American Vacations

Viva Las Vegas! Besides hitting the casinos for a chance at a jack-pot, Vegas has a host of entertainment. The resort city is also home to famed hotels along a 4 mile strip.

Florida : North American Vacations

The Sunshine State of Florida has pristine beaches in Miami & Key West, theme parks in Orlando, and a buzzing nightlife popular with tourists.

Frontenac Castle : North American Vacations

Frontenac Castle in Quebec City has an inviting French charm that portrays a 17th Century vibe with its classic architecture.

Mesa Arch, Utah - North American Vacations

From Key West to Seattle, We Got You Covered!

How about a trip to some of the most spectacular and colorful areas of the southwest US? Fly into Las Vegas, travel to the Grand Canyon, visit Sedona, Arizona, and hike Monument Valley and Zion National Park in Utah. Ready for a taste of New England and the Atlantic? Explore the East Coast of the US heading all the way up into Maine on North American vacations. Fly to New York City, see Philadelphia and Washington DC. And don’t forget about the South, either! You wouldn’t want to miss out on famous BBQ in Memphis, or partying along Bourbon Street and the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Banff, Alberta, Canada - North American Vacations

Take a Breath of Fresh Air in the Great White North

Sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful landscapes that fill Canada from coast to coast. Travel East to West in Canada hitting most major cities and provinces across the Great White North. Canada is a spectacular country filled with diversity and culture that rivals anywhere else in the world. Arrive in Niagara Falls while on your way to Toronto, Kingston, and Ottawa for two nights. Stop in the capital of Ottawa on your way to the old French city of Quebec and Montreal. Fly from Toronto to Calgary close to the base of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. From there, visit the resort town of Banff and Jasper before ending your trip in Vancouver.

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Planning a vacation can be difficult and stressful, and who wants that on their time off? Better organization is a key benefit. Take all the prep work out of the logistics of North American vacations. The time and energy you spend making those arrangements, or finding a way to get to your destination is taken out of the equation. Put that energy into enjoying yourself and spending time with those you want to. All transportation is handled so you can fully immerse yourself in wherever you are.
How about comfort and safety? Having a local guide takes all the nervousness and anxiety and puts it in the backseat. A tour guide can assist you in circumventing potentially dangerous areas of the city, and better immerse you and your family in the traditions and culture of the area. Having an insider on the tour will also provide inside knowledge of the places you will be traveling. Uncover hidden gems and share stories and history to have a more in-depth experience.
Having fellow travelers helps to ease any anxiety as well. Knowing that there are others in the same boat builds companionship and can assist in making lifelong friends. Whatever it is that can assist you in being comfortable, relaxed, and having fun, a guided tour can help you with it.

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North American Vacations

It’s no joke that travel planning can be a daunting task, especially with budget or time constraints. North America doesn’t help either with it’s seemingly endless number of popular destinations and national landmarks. It’s such a huge area with so much to see, having a game plan is crucial to a successful vacation. Having a guide at your disposal can help you see that bigger picture with locals to show you the way and a chance to make lifelong friends with other tour participants. See the country like you’ve never seen it before with a guided tour from TraveLantern.

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