Packing Checklist

Do I Need a Packing Checklist for My Vacation?

A packing checklist is a traveler’s safeguard against forgetting to pack those things that help make their vacation even more enjoyable. In addition, that very same checklist is a money saver. Who wants–after shelling out their hard-earned cash to pay for their all-inclusive vacation, cruise or weekend getaway–to have to spend money on items you already own?

The very best packing checklists are compiled over time. From the moment you book your vacation you should begin adding items to your list. Your travel agent will no doubt provide their knowledgeable suggestions for several items for your list, based upon years of sending travelers off on various vacations. For example, did you know that in some climates it’s very difficult to get bathing suits to air dry? Since no one wants to wrestle their body back inside a wet bathing suit for their second dip of the day, it’s important to pack two or more bathing suits for trips to such locales.

Remember to Ask Your Travel Agent When Booking Your Getaway If There Are Any Specific Items They Recommend You Bring Along. That’s the Best Way to Open a Dialogue That Will Surely Benefit You Many Times Over.

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Packing Checklist: The “Whats” and Even a Few “Whys”

Whether you’re preparing for a long weekend away, a cruise, a domestic all-inclusive vacation with the family or an international group travel excursion all by yourself, there are several items you must include on your packing checklist. Make two copies of your complete packing list and bring one along on your vacation with you. That way you’ll make sure not to forget any of the items you packed when you’re ready to head back home. And don’t worry. Those items you use up when on vacation will help make room for the presents you buy when exploring the shops at your destination.

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    Over-the-counter medications

    Of course they’re available practically everywhere. Note the “practically,” however. You don’t want to be tucked in your hotel for the night only to learn you need to call a cab to take you to the nearest all-night pharmacy when you or one of your travel companions has a headache/upset stomach/diarrhea. You want to have that medicine ready. And even in scenarios where you need only purchase these meds from the front desk, do you really want to pay many times what they’re actually worth because you’re caught in a pinch?

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    An Extra Swimsuit

    Even if you’re not traveling to a humid climate where things never quite dry, an extra bathing suit will allow you to have one in use while one is drying–meaning you’ll never miss pool time or a frolic in the ocean when the mood strikes.

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    Your Most Comfortable Pair of Shoes

    Yes, even if they’re old, worn and battered, it’s important to have a very comfortable pair of shoes on every vacation. If your trip includes touring one or more cities or towns, you’ll endure some wear and tear on your tired feet. Having that pair of comfy shoes to slip into will be met with instant gratitude. And don’t worry about how they look. Everyone else will be in the same boat, too, or suffering. Which would you prefer?

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    Formal Wear

    Some cruises have formal events/dinners that require a specific style of dressing up. Be sure to ask your travel agent about this when you book your cruise.

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    Travel Documents / Papers

    Be sure to pack your birth certificate, passport and travel itineraries, as well as airline/cruise tickets, transfer papers and the name and address of where you’ll be staying once you reach your destination. Keep these in a backpack or handbag that will remain with you throughout the travel portion of your vacation.

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    Credit Cards

    This may sound like a no-brainer, but for people who don’t carry credit cards on a regular basis, it’s an item that is frequently inadvertently left behind.

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    Extra Underwear

    Just because.

Travel Document and other items from a Packing Checklist

Travel documents and other items are required for the trip, not only for their convenience in use but to also satisfy travel regulations especially when crossing borders and for general identification.

Certainly There Are Plenty of Additional Items You’ll Need to Pack. However, These Specific Items Are Commonly Forgotten and Are Usually Needed at the Most Inconvenient Times.

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